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for plastic moulding steel

To this category belong steels for the production of bit holders on mechanical presses, moulds for plastic injection and forming, photoengraving.

Sagoma Marchio Ram Wr. Nr AISI EN ISO AFNOR Stato Dur.HB C Si Mn Cr Mo V Ni Altri Caratteristiche
RAM11 1.2311 P20 40CMD8 HARDENED 270-320 0,35 0,45 0,20 0,40 1,30 1,60 1,80 2,10 0,15 0,30 / / Tempered Steel for injection and plastic materials shaping moulds with small and medium dimensions. Suitable for embossing/photoengraving. Nitridable.
RAM12 1.2312 P20+S 40CMD8+S HARDENED 270-320 0,35 0,45 0,20 0,40 1,30 1,60 1,80 2,10 0,15 0,30 / / S 0,05 0,10 Moulds and holders in general, plastic moulds with improved machinability.
RAM27 1.2738 40CrMnNiMo8-6-4 40CMND8 HARDENED 285-330 0,35 0,45 0,20 0,40 1,40 1,70 1,80 2,20 0,15 0,30 / 0,90 1,30 Tempered Steel for medium and large plastic injection moulds, suitable for embossing and photoengraving, used also for mould- and insert-holders of mechanical presses.
RAM83R 1.2083 ESR 420C X40Cr14 Z40CV14 ANNEALED <230 0,33 0,43 <1,00 0,30 0,60 12,50 13,50 / / / Particularly indicated for plastic injection moulds where mirror polishing is required: transparent details for automotive lighting, civil lighting, optical industry etc.). Furthermore this steel is suitable for moulds that require high corrosion and oxidation resistance (PVC, food plastics, etc.)

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To this category belong construction steels in general as well as steels which are generally destined to the mechanical industry.


To this category belong steel types presenting high resistance to thermal shocks, hot working moulding presses, rockers and hammers, die casting moulds.


The steel types belonging to this category are employed in the finishing of particulars such as dies and punches for cutting and deep drawing, rolling mill cylinders, cold presses.

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